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snippets from various projects and visualizations under development

Indian Cinema non-interactive

Indian Cinema's Babel

Stacked area chart of 89 years of Indian 'Sound' Cinema.


Tarantino's Actors

Quentin Tarantino's repeat actors, including Tarantino himself.


The Circle of Ray

Male actors outnumber women in the films of Satyajit Ray.

Aparna Sen 1

Women Film Women

The gender imbalance is less in the films of Aparna Sen, a female director from Ray's city.

Aparna Sen 2

color-scheme exp.

The gender of actors in the films of Aparna Sen is depicted using a different color-scheme.


Kurosawa's actors

Actors with more than 5 appearances in films by Akira Kurosawa (1910-1998).

Mehtadatalab2 data


Tableau visualizations by undergraduate student interns.

Departmet of Religion data

Religion @UIUC

The alumni of UIUC's Deaprtment of Religion is spread over 32 states.

IC Interactive

Interactive V. of #1

Stacked area chart of 89 years of Indian 'Sound' Cinema. Interactive visualization.